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NAME: Direct Yellow R / Direct Yellow 11  CLICKS: 2953  
Product Information
Product Name: Direct Yellow R
C.I. No.: Direct Yellow 11
CAS NO: 1325-37-7
Chemical Formula: C16H10N2Na2O7S2
Molecular Weight: 452.3693
H.S Code: 32041400
Testing report:
Testing Items Standard Indicator Testing Result
Apprearance  Brown Powder Brown Powder
Color Shade :  Similar to standard Similar to standard
Content (%):  1003 100%
Moisture (%): 7.0 3.88
Insolubles (%): 1.0 0.57
Conclusion: Qualified
1.used for cotton and viscose fabric dyeing,with excellent dye-uptake,but leveling property and migration property are not so good.avoiding to touch Copper and Iron when dyeing.
2.used for natural silk and wool dyeing.Dyed color is lighter than dyed color on cotton and viscose.Acrylic fibers stain little,polyester fiber doesn't stain.
3.also can be applied to paper coloring.
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